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Humphrey Super specialises in providing Superannuation and Self Managed Superannuation Fund strategy (SMSF) advice and SMSF administration.  

SMSF Admin

Complete Self Managed Superannuation Fund (SMSF) administration service.        

Strategy & Advice

Quality SMSF and Superannuation strategy & advice customised to your goals and objectives.

Why Choose Us?

There are many reasons to choose us.

  • Superannuation is our passion.
  • We are specialists in SMSF and Superannuation.
  • We provide SMSF strategy advice in addition to SMSF administration and compliance.
  • All of our operations are onshore.

  • SMSF portfolio valuations on a regular basis (daily,weekly etc) – client logins provided. 
  • You can choose as little (none) or as much investment and insurance advice from our associated businesses.

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Our SMSF strategy advice is independent of our SMSF administration service in that we are happy to provide SMSF strategy advice to SMSF trustees that we don’t provide SMSF administration for.

In addition to our Self Managed Superannuation Fund expertise we also consider ourselves superannuation fund experts.  We consider general superannuation expertise as paramount to that of an SMSF adviser so that if we believe an SMSF is not appropriate for a superannuation member we can recommend them the most appropriate alternative solution.   

What we believe

  • The opportunity cost of not receiving quality and proactive advice should never be under-estimated,
  • There is plenty of bad superannuation advice provided by the superannuation industry with the vast majority of bad advice a result of no advice if you have an SMSF,
  • Events issues such as trustee incapacity and death have to be planned for. Not planning for such possibilities is akin to having a car without insurance,
  • Many SMSF members would be better off in either an industry superannuation fund or a retail superannuation fund, and
  • Quality advice has a price.

More about us


Humphrey Super is a CPA practice & Chris Humphrey is an SMSF Specialist Advisor™